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Child gender calculator by rh factor of parents

Every parent dreams about their child once they get to know about the mother’s conception month. Few of them start buying toys and dresses for their future babies. They become curious about their baby’s gender and want to know whether they are going to have a girl or boy child as soon as possible. There are few medical methods to determine the gender of your future baby such as child gender calculator by rh factor of parents. But, most of the time the processes are illegal and fewer times the results are shown by them are inappropriate.

If you are going to be parents and badly want to know whether a baby boy or girl is coming to enlighten your house, you may use different methods to estimate the gender. Several ways such as parent’s blood group, their Rh factors, date of conception etc can help to decide the gender of the fetus.

Why do parents prefer using the child gender calculator?

It is fun to know your future baby’s gender. According to the knowledge of gender, parents start to chalk out a plan of their guidance. They even start making rooms and buy commodities for their baby when the mother is having the child inside her womb. Besides, determining the gender previously than the birth of the baby is an interesting game. After that, you will be guessing the following months whether the result would match.

Moreover, you are neither doing anything wrong nor spending thousands of bucks in tests to justify gender. You just need to fill the necessary information in the calculator and search for the results. The calculator shows the simple results. But, if the results are complicated, it shows the reason for complications.

child gender calculator by rh factor of parents.
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What is Rh factor?

Rh is an antigen that is present in the blood groups. When you classify your blood group by the presence of Rh in your blood, the process is called the Rh factor. In 1840, the presence of Rh in the blood groups of human was first discovered. The antigen Rh is of two kinds – Rh-positive and Rh-negative. This Rh factor decides several aspects in pregnancy including the health of the baby and his/her gender.

How do the blood groups classified by the Rh factor determine the gender?

Your future baby’s gender relies upon the blood groups that are classified by the Rh factor. These calculators show 50% of the effective result. Thus, you can easily determine your baby’s gender long before your delivery. For instance, if you have blood group A (according to the Rh factors) and your partner is of B blood group, you will most likely be blessed with a baby girl. Or, if you are under the AB blood group and your partner’s blood group is O, your chances of getting a baby boy are high. Rh factors play a big role in considering your baby’s gender. Suppose both of you and your spouse enjoys negative or positive Rh factors. In such cases, you will most commonly see the face of a baby girl. On the other hand, if you and your partner both have different blood groups, the chances of having both boy and girl child are equal. The blood groups and the Rh factors that can be used to determine the different genders are-

  • (I) Rh+
  • (I) Rh-
  • A (II) Rh-
  • A (II) Rh+
  • B (III) Rh+
  • B (III) Rh-
  • AB (IV) Rh+
  • AB ( IV) Rh-

The results shown in the calculator is most of the time accurate. However, if you still suspect the results shown by the Rh calculator, you can have some fun and try it out on your friends or relatives who already have kids. First of all, to use the calculator you need to know both you and your partner’s blood group and Rh factors correctly. Then you just need to put both the information into the two separate column bars and press the result option.

Other different types of calculator that you can use to determine your child’s genders are:

Chinese gender predictor

There is an ancient saying that a Chinese calendar was found in a tomb around a thousand years ago. Taking the concept of the Chinese calendar to predict the baby’s gender, this Chinese gender predictor calculator was invented. Its working procedure is extremely simple. When you will open the calculator, you will notice two individual columns- the first among the two asks your age and the second column asks about your month of conception. You need to fill both the blanks and click on the result to see the gender. Suppose, you are 26 and your month of conception is April, according to the calculator you will have a girl child.

Calculating by father’s age

It is another technique to predict your baby’s gender. The calculator is free to use and can show up to 97% correct results. Similar to the Chinese gender predictor calculator, this one is also easily accessible. Once you open the calculator, two different blanks will occur on the screen. In the first blank column, you need to put the baby’s father age and in the second column, you need to select the name of the months when you conceived from the given names. After filling both the blanks, click on the result bar to know the answer.

Japanese gender prediction calculator

It is another way of predicting the gender of the child in your womb. The concept of inventing this calculator came from the notion of Japanese custom. In this method, the prediction is made on the relation between the birth months of the father and mother of the baby. To use the calculator, you have to provide three following information- the first one is the father’s birth month, the second is the birth month of the mother and finally the conception month to get the results.

It is a fun thing to do, but, do not rely on the results. Additionally, do not expect a lot of things from these gender predicting calculators. Just check the results and wish for a healthy baby.

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