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Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator

Only pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes. It can develop during the early stages of the pregnancy. If you carelessly handle this situation, the risk factor for both you and your baby’s health may increase. Due to gestational diabetes, you can bleed excessively during the time of delivery. A gestational diabetes diet calculator is a very helpful tool for keeping track.

In rare cases, diabetes that is marginal before pregnancy can take the acute state after you conceive the baby. Most commonly, pregnant women in their second or third trimester are diagnosed with this type of diabetes. Thus, from the early stages of diagnosis, try to treat it and maintain a healthy gestational diabetes diet to control the sugar level in your blood.

When you are pregnant, the hormone present in the blood called insulin divides the food you intake to sugar and glucose. Your body supplies glucose to your baby, but, in a few cases, your body tends to behave abnormally. It bothers the working process of the insulin; it does not produce sufficient insulin to generate into the body of your baby. This is when gestational diabetes occurs, during this time your body needs delicate care and proper food to deal with diabetes. This article may help you to give the necessary information about a gestational diabetes diet plan.

The Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator is a digital tool designed to assist expectant mothers who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. This calculator aims to help manage blood sugar levels by providing tailored diet plans based on variables like age, weight, height, activity level, and specific dietary needs or restrictions.

It’s important to note that while such a calculator can serve as an initial guideline for dietary adjustments, it’s not a replacement for professional medical advice or personalized diet plans created in collaboration with healthcare providers and registered dietitians. Blood sugar levels during pregnancy can have significant implications for both the mother and the baby, such as increased risks of high birth weight, premature birth, and even future diabetes for both the mother and child.

The primary role of the Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator is to provide an estimate of the daily caloric intake broken down into carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that align with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. It may also offer suggestions on types of foods to include or avoid in the diet, portion sizes, and meal timing, with the ultimate goal being to help stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Management of gestational diabetes is a multi-faceted approach that includes regular monitoring of blood sugar levels, exercise, and often, medication. The diet is just one piece of this complex puzzle. Therefore, while the Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator can be a helpful starting point, ongoing consultation with healthcare providers is essential for the effective management of the condition. It’s also not uncommon to require a few adjustments to the diet plan as the pregnancy progresses, based on continual monitoring and feedback.

The Gestational Diabetes Diet Calculator serves as a convenient and informative tool, but it should be used as a complement to, not a substitute for, personalized medical guidance. Always consult your healthcare provider and a registered dietitian for a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.

Food that you need to add in your meal – Detailed gestational diabetes diet plan

A balanced diet controls the sugar level from your blood and keeps you along with your baby healthy and safe. The foods you need to consume to stay healthy include:


Maintaining the amount of carbohydrate is the major thing in the gestational diabetes diet plan. Eat sliced bread twice a day. You can even add 105 gm or a half cup of cooked pasta in your daily meal. Also, 28 gram of cereals goes perfect with the diet plan. Carefully choose the carbohydrates that are rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins such as- brown rice, whole grains (oats and barley), corn, peas, etc. It would better if you add low-fat tortillas in your everyday diet routine.


The first that comes in the list is nutrients, the more you intake nutritious food items the fewer chances of complications will appear in your pregnancy. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can supply your body with enough nutrients allowing you to control gestational diabetes.


Apart from choosing the specific vegetables that may help you to stay fit, you have to keep your eye on the quantity of your meal. Here is a list of a diet chart that can follow while consuming vegetables:

3 to 5 times the servings of the following chart will be appropriate for average body weight women:

Leafy green vegetables are the most ideal items that you must add in your daily diet. Consume 340 gm of green leafy vegetables on per serving. Make sure, to cook the vegetables with less oil, salt and spices. Keep it simple for your baby’s health. You can either consume it raw in the form of salad, but, wash them for twice with warm water before eating. In your vegetables, you can include, carrots, spinach, broccoli, lettuce. Or, you can simply make a juice out of it and drink in the quantity of 255 gm.

gestational diabetes diet calculator


Fruits that are juicy and rich in fibre are extremely beneficial in the gestational diabetes diet. Citrus fruits like grapes, oranges, tangerines are mandatory in the diet. Apart from that, apples, bananas are also great choices. You can eat them raw or simply make a delicious fruit juice, but, make sure to avoid sugar.

Dairy products

You can add milk including other dairy products in your meal, but, at a considerable amount. Dairy products are loaded with phosphorus, calcium, and protein which are extremely healthy for your baby. Additionally, ensure to consume the low-fat dairy products otherwise, your gestational diabetes may increase.

  • You may intake 42 gm of natural cheese per day
  • Consuming a cup of fresh yogurt and milk is also a great choice, avoid flavor added sweetened yogurt

But, if you have lactose intolerance, avoid milk and other dairy products else it may worsen your situation.


Your gestational diabetes diet must include a rich source of protein. Add a decent amount of fish and poultry in your meal. Before consuming, clear the skin of the chicken and fish well. Intake these items in the form of boiled, grilled, roast, broil, etc. Avoid frying food, as the oil can raise the levels of fat hampering your gestation diabetes.

Consume two servings of 60 gm of cooked fish, lean meat.

Add only one egg in your whole day meal.

Consume half a cup of cooked beans (170 gm)

You can also add 20 to 30 gm of peanut butter in your regular meal.

Consuming these items in your gestational diabetes diet can serve your body with a sufficient amount of iron, zinc, vitamin B apart from protein.

Cutting away the oily food and welcoming food in the form of soups, broth, smoothies, protein drinks will help you to treat your gestational diet.

What are the foods that you must avoid during this time?

Aside from the food that you must consume in your daily diet, few foods can be deadly during this time. Take a look at those and do avoid them.

Highly processed foods are the first thing to cut from your diet. These food are filled with unhealthy fat and sugar that can make your condition critical.

Fast food

Foods available in the streets like noodles, deep-fried foods etc is preferred to avoid while you are following the gestational diet. Even if you are not diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, the specialists still recommend avoiding these foods.

Sugary drinks and eateries

Anything that contains sugar can harm your pregnancy. So, avoid the intake of soda and other sweetened drinks and eateries such as street food juices, pastries, cookies, etc. Apart from these, potatoes and white rice contain a great source of sugar. Thus, avoiding them is the best that you can do.


Consuming alcohol is dangerous while you are conceiving a baby, especially if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Being a mother, it is your primary duty to take care of your baby. When the baby is inside your body, you must carefully decide every footstep for your baby’s healthy future. Limiting your food intake and maintaining a restricted diet can help you achieve that. In case of any confusion, refer to this gestational diabetes diet calculator to get an overview of the diet.

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