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Methods to Determine Child Gender By Blood

There are a few questions that come right after getting pregnant. Such as when is the baby coming, how many weeks to wait and it will be a boy or a girl. We can use Child Gender Calculator by Updating Blood for this. Well, all of these questions can be answered with the latest technology and medical advancement. Determining the gender of a baby is illegal in some countries while in the mother’s womb.

But in other places, knowing the gender of the fetus is very common. There are many ways parents can use to determine the gender but all of them can not be trusted blind-folded. Most of the women under the age of 34 years are very common to know the gender. Amongst 47% of women want to know the gender of the baby before the baby was born.

Among all of this way to learn the gender of a baby, some of the ways are superstitions, some are old myth used by old people when medical technologies were not advance and some of this test is done with medical equipment to know the gender but in all cases, it is not 100% trusted.

Blood can help determine the gender of the fetus

There are many ways to know the gender or sex of the baby. Using blood is one of the very affecting ways of it. Parental blood can be very helpful to know the sex of the baby in 7 weeks from the pregnancy. But you have to the right procedure consulting a doctor before doing these tests because many online fake ways do not work and can risk your health.

Gender testing can help with other things as well such as determining any genetic disorder which is very helpful to know early. The blood test accuracy gets higher with pregnancy week. A blood test can be done from before 7 weeks but the results are 74.5% accurate. Accuracy starts to rise with weeks of pregnancy. If the gender test by blood is done between a week to 20 weeks the accuracy is 95% time correct for boys and 99% correct for girls. After 20 weeks blood test results are highly accurate as 99.6% for girls and 99.2 for boys. However, Parents want to know the gender of the baby as soon as possible in most cases.

Type of Blood tests to determine fetus gender

There are many types of methods using blood that can help determine the gender of a baby, some of them are commonly used and accurate and many of them are not used commonly. Here are some common ones.

Child Gender Calculator by Updating Blood

Many calculators can be used to know the gender of a baby. This process is used by the parents to know the result faster because to know the gender from other tests requires to wait long weeks. These predictions are not always pinpoint accurate but it can provide you with an estimated date.

These calculator uses many methods to determine the sex of a by such as Chinese way, Japanese way where you can know the sex by birth months of parents and month of conception, parents age blood renewal and parents blood type. The answers come in percentage.

Generic blood test

This is a common and natural way to determine the gender of a baby. Accuracy of giving the right result with this blood test is 95% in 7 weeks of pregnancy. This blood test is not an invasive procedure which is one of the reasons for choosing this method commonly by mothers. This blood test procedure is very easy to perform. It can be done by just collecting a drop of blood of the pregnant woman and sending it to the lab for tests. Blood is tested and analyzed in the lab to know the chromosomal markers and determine the baby is a boy or girl.

Child Gender Calculator by Updating Blood
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This test can help in other ways too apart from determining the sex of the baby. This test can identify any genetic diseases linked to the baby and prepare parents for the necessary steps.

Fetal DNA test

This is a type of blood test which is highly accurate and effective. In this test, parents’ blood is used to know the gender of the baby after 7 weeks of pregnancy. This test can also detect some disorders such as hemophilia, down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, patau syndrome, chromosome disorder, and others. The more invasive test can be delayed or ruled out by this test such as amniocentesis.

Fatal DNA is known to be in the mother’s DNA. Urine tests are not as reliable as much as the blood test. With increasing weeks chance accuracy of the blood test to determine the gender also increases up to 99.7%. Some of the major conditions can be prevented with this test such as, there is a rare condition known as adrenal hyperplasia which causes the genitals of girls to appear as masculine. The risk of this condition can be prevented with tests.

To use a calculator you need to provide many pieces of information including the month of conception, mother’s birth date, father’s birth date, father’s blood type, mother’s blood type and you have to click on calculate to know the final answer. These calculators are commonly used to know the results in the early stages of pregnancy.

There are some other ways to know the gender of your baby including:


Ultrasound is a very old way to know the sex of the fetus. Many of the parents choose to know the gender with an ultrasound scan. It produces an image of the baby from which the sex of the baby can be determined.

The heart rate of a fetus

The heart rate of the fetus can determine the gender of a boy. If the heart rate is higher than 140 beats per minute than it is determined to be a girl and a lower heartbeat means a boy. Baby girls are most of the time smaller than boys and so their heartbeat is increased. But heartbeat can vary in many cases so this method is not 100% accurate.


Blood can be a very effective way to know the gender of the baby. To know the gender of the baby as early as possible, a gender calculator can be used entering some basic information about parents’ blood.

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