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Pregnancy by Week Calendar

Are you planning to conceive, but failing miserably? Then why don’t you seek help from pregnancy by week calculator? They not just make your planning smooth but also give you 100% pregnancy confirmations as well as all the possible information on your baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey to parenthood. It needs a lot of planning and utmost care to nurture a baby within you. This pregnancy by week calendar, obtained by using a pregnancy by week calculator, will guide you to the new phase of life with your little one.

Pregnancy is the period when an egg is fertilized and released from any of your ovaries. The fertilized egg moves into the fallopian tube and starts to grow there. From that time to the birth your baby is the pregnancy period. In most of the natural pregnancy cases, it takes about 9 months to deliver a healthy baby. So, you must understand the importance and proper knowledge to understand your baby’s growth progress. This is where the importance of this pregnancy by week calendar comes. So, what is it and how does it influence your healthy pregnancy?

Pregnancy by week calendar helps you to keep a regular growth check on your baby’s pea-sized stages up to the delivery. It is segregated into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters; with a particular week intervals. The 1st trimester serves up to the 13th week, the 2nd trimester serves up to the 27th week, and the 3rd trimester serves up to the end of your delivery.

Importance of Pregnancy by Week Calculator

During these three trimesters, the baby undergoes a lot of changes. And each trimester holds a key role in the proper development. Having proper knowledge of adequate growth, and organ developments will help you to deliver a healthy baby. So, let’s get you informed about the importance of the pregnancy by week calendar as well as pregnancy by week calculator.

  • When you miss your last menstrual period, your journey towards motherhood begins. Even though you don’t know, but your doctor can tell you immediately just by going through this calculator. This calculator will give you the approximate time of your fertilization, thus commencing your pregnancy. Below points will let you know more details of your pregnancy weeks.
  • In the 3rd and 4th weeks of 1st trimester, heart along with brain, spinal cord, arms, and legs start to form. You need to give proper care and attention at this time. From the 3rd week to the 6th week, you can hear the heartbeats of your baby through the ultrasound. This calculator makes sure to remind your visit for the ultrasound.
  • In the 10th and 11th week of your pregnancy, the genitals of your baby start to form. This is a crucial period for the baby, as any abnormalities in the baby can be detected. The doctors can determine the sex of your baby, and if there are any malformations; remedies or treatments are offered.
  • In the 15th week of your pregnancy, the bones start to form. The ultrasound result will let you know whether your baby is growing healthy or not. The weight of your baby is about 3 ounces now and if it is not in that range, your doctor may give you some dietary tips.
  • During the pregnancy, a mother experiences a lot of changes within her body, along with mental breakdowns. But in the 18th week, it is a great joy for you, as your baby develops senses and they may hear your voice as well. So, the pregnancy calculator will make sure that you don’t miss the first opportunity to communicate with your little one.
  • Your mind is wavering, that when are you going to feel the kick of your baby? Then this is time, as in 20th week, they are not just able to hear you but they can make you feel their presence by kicking.
  • Up to the 21st week, you can just feel the baby, but in the 22nd week’s ultrasound photo, you will be able to see an actual form of your baby.
  • 28th week of your pregnancy is a vital time as the baby’s brain starts to form properly and any complications at this stage can help you to find solutions. So make sure to follow the calculator and visit your doctor timely.
  • From the 35th week, your baby starts to gain weight rapidly, which is very normal. But, if it is not the case, then seek help from your doctor.
  • In the 39th week, your baby is completely ready to live outside properly. From the calculator, you can ask your doctor for welcoming your new member in the house as well.
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Calculation Variables of Pregnancy Calculator

Pregnancy by week calculator is very helpful to determine all the stages of your baby, but it has some parameters as well. Some of them are discussed here:

  • The calculator can give you an estimated date of your conception, but not the exact time. And it may depend on the body physiques, as well as some particular concerns.
  • The approximate due date can be calculated by calculating the due date, using the conception date and ultrasound. And sometimes, due to some internal and external factors, the pregnancy week calculator deviates. Though, doctors can diagnosis such variables and give you the estimated due date.
  • There are two assumptions in the pregnancy calculation, that the 28 days menstrual cycle and the 14th day ovulation. This information varies in detecting your due date.
  • The accurate gestation period is one of the most important variables for the pregnancy calculator. Inaccuracy in the gestation time can alter the results in your ultrasound, followed by getting an incorrect due date.

Apart from these factors; body weight, environmental conditions, additional health concerns also varies to detect the vital weeks of the pregnancy by week calculator.

So, these are a few insights on the pregnancy by week calculator. Each individual has some different types of mechanisms and it can alter the expected results as well. But along with proper medical help and the right evaluation of your doctor, you can get the best effective results. So, now that you know all these tips and factors to consider, get ready to embrace your motherhood.

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