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Date of Conception Calculator

The date of conception calculator, also known as conception calculator and conception date calculator, is very useful for women who are trying to get pregnant and women in the pregnancy period. At some point in every woman’s life, they decide to get pregnant when the time is right. The most common suggestion is to try the ovulation period to get pregnant because the most fertile period is the ovulation period. The chance of the sperm to start the fertilization process by attaching to the egg is maximum in this period. It is very important to know the conception period by calculating.

Date of conception calculator helps women to know their conception dates based on many facts such as due date, birth date, the first day of the last menstrual period. Conception calculator can help greatly to know women when their pregnancy started also known as the date of implantation. These calculators provide an approximate answer based on some pieces of information given by the user.

Ways to calculate ovulation period

Try a conception date calculator which is very useful and accurate. These calculators are very easy to use as they require some basic information to perform the calculation of the conception period. These calculators are free to use and provide the answer in a few seconds.

Visit a doctor to know the ovulation period, which is the best and most accurate way to know the conception period. As they perform many exams to be sure of it along with many tests. Most of the women go for this option.

date of conception calculator
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Another way is to try the new ovulation kits that are available in the online and offline market. Buying those kits can help you but those kits come with the doubt of accuracy.

Usually, women have a regular 28-day cycle such as if the last cycle began on 10th may then the next cycle should start on 8th June. But some women have irregular dates, which causes them trouble to remember numbers of the days in their cycle period. They can get help to know their conception date with the help of a conception calculator.

Chances of getting pregnant depend on many other things such as sperm count, sperm mortality. But the female body should be prepared to help the sperm hatching the egg.


During the first half of the menstrual period, the eggs in the ovaries start to grow. One of the ovaries starts to cause a surge in luteinizing hormone by secreting estradiol. This causes the release of a mature egg by rupturing the follicle. The egg connects the uterus with ovaries using fallopian tubes. The whole egg release process caused by the surge of LH is called ovulation. Ovulation generally occurs after 14 days on the first day of the menstrual period. But it varies for each woman.

Once the egg is released, it is very important to fertilize it in 12-24 hours or it will expire. When the cervical mucus is present a healthy sperm can stay 5 days in a woman’s womb. Conception calculator helps the ovulation date because the period is too short.

Due date

After getting confirmation about getting pregnant, the first question which comes to mind is when is the baby coming. Conception date helps to know their due date which is very helpful. Because doctors can take better decisions about the baby if the due date is known. Most commonly the estimated due date calculated by adding 280 days with the first day of the last menstrual period.

Many women don’t know their ovulation date or last menstrual period date due to irregular cycle period. The above formula does not apply to those women who do not know the exact dates.

Accuracy of date of conception calculator

To get an idea of the due date or conception date, the use of the date of conception calculators is very useful. But it is very important to know that the variability of the menstrual period dates is not taken in these calculations. The doctor can use the conception date calculator to know the due date and gestational date along with other methods such as knowing the first date of the last period, a surge of LH to determine pregnancy date before the ovulation, ultrasound to measure the fetus.

How the date of conception calculator works

The time from conception to start labor takes time of approximately 39-40 weeks. To track the starting date of pregnancy, doctors count 266 days. Or a conception calculator can also help to know the estimated date of conception date. The estimated date is closest to the exact date as there is no way to know the exact date except if the mother had sex right after the menstrual cycle.

The conception calculator can also help to know the father in case of confusion. The mix of a breakup, divorce or other complications can confuse to identify the father. Using a conception calculator can help you to know the exact day of ovulation, the first day of the last menstrual period and possible dates of conception. But confirming who is the father of the baby with the DNA test is the best option. Conception calculator can provide the estimated dates of conception but it works by putting the due date, the first day of the last period and ultrasound.

Due date

The due date can be used to know the conception date. Usually, the due date is determined by doing a sonogram which is commonly provided by a healthcare provider. The due date also can be known in various other ways along with the help of a due date calculator.

LMP (Last Menstrual Period)

Conception date is calculated based on the last menstrual period by adding 11-21 days with the first day of LMP. This estimation often is seen to differ as knowing the exact date of ovulation is not possible also women with irregular periods find it very difficult to know the conception date based on LMP.


Conception date can be calculated base don the date of ultrasound and the length of pregnancy at the time. Ultrasound in the early stages is more accurate compared to the later stages.


If you are thinking of having a baby or you want to know your conception date while in pregnancy, in both cases conception calculator can help you very much. The results are not accurate but in most cases due date or birth date, ultrasound dates and last period dates are used to calculate it.

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