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Weekly pregnancy weight gain calculator

Throughout your life, if you are running away from weight gain, then these months will be your cheat days, as you are pregnant. You can gain weight, without worrying about what others going to say. No one will ask you to have a healthy baby without gaining weight. But, every good thing has limitations, and so does your pregnancy weight gain. It is very important to monitor your weight gain weekly. A weekly pregnancy weight gain calculator

Within the total pregnancy span, your body undergoes several physical changes. Weight gain is one of the most obvious changes during pregnancy, and it is quite normal too. But, excessive weight gain can lead to harming the baby. That’s why; weight gain should lie within the ranges of specific BMI.

The total pregnancy is grouped into three phases: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters. During the 1st trimester, a pregnant woman with a single baby gains up to 4 pounds only, but, if you suffer from morning sickness, then the body is less likely to gain any weight. After that, in the second and third trimesters; the body gains 1 pound weight per week. The weight gain during pregnancy should be gradual, rather than abrupt. The baby needs sufficient nutrients to grow gradually, which can be achieved through regular BMI checkups.

About 25 to 35 pounds of weight gain during your pregnancy is often considered ideal. But depending on height, BMI, and normal weight before pregnancy weight gain varies. Starting with monitoring your weight gain, you have to understand your BMI first.

A weekly pregnancy weight gain calculator can help you to detect the proper weight gain per week. This way you will know if, your baby is growing healthy or not. The extra weight gain is not just the baby’s weight but, also subsidiary changes within your body. The extra 30 pounds, which you put on during pregnancy is evenly distributed throughout your body. The baby is about 7.5 pounds, maternal fat 7 pounds, fluids and maternal blood volume 8 pounds, placenta and amniotic fluid about 3.5 pounds, breast, and uterine enlargement 4 pounds. A properly balanced body weight is needed to deliver a healthy baby.

Weekly pregnancy weight gain calculator

Importance of weekly pregnancy weight gain

While you are carrying a baby in your womb, you can’t understand all the needs of your baby. Then, what can you do? You can monitor the gradual increase of the baby throughout the whole pregnancy. The weekly weight gain pregnancy calculator can calculate the probable weight gain in the given week. This works with all the given information; like the pregnancy week, height, weight before pregnancy and current weight. This way you will know whether; you are growing properly, excessively, or insufficiently. This is the basic feature of the calculator. Some of the wide uses are given below:

  • In the first trimester, the growth of the baby is very slow. And it is very difficult to know from the ultrasounds and scans. The body weight is calculated to understand the growth of the baby. During pregnancy, the basal metabolic index or BMI increases. The doctors can study the changes in weight gain to give you advice.
  • With this calculator, you will get to know when you are gaining excessive weight. You can easily consult your doctor and save yourself from further complications; like premature labour or birth.
  • Eating more than needed during your pregnancy period can lead you to gestational diabetes, which happens when you have too much glucose in your blood. During pregnancy, the body cannot produce enough insulin, thus making it hard to digest the glucose. This leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. Normally it cannot be detected, but with a proper check on your BMI, you can preliminary diagnosis Gestation Diabetes. So that, you can seek advice from your gynecologist timely.
  • One of the most important features of this weekly weight gain pregnancy calculator is the detection of Macrosomia. In Macrosomia, you carry a big baby, which can create problems during your delivery. In most of the cases, a woman with a big baby prefers to do c-section. Sometimes, Macrosomia can lead to further diabetes. So, it is very important to monitor your weight gain through this calculator.
  • If you are underweight, then the calculator will tell you how much weight you need to put on.

Apart from these, the calculator serves a lot of additional functions. The adequate amount of body fat during pregnancy can be easily shed off, compared to the excessive weight. This calculator also serves the weight-loss purpose after having your baby.

Calculation variables of weekly pregnancy weight gain calculator

During pregnancy, a woman passes through a lot of changes within her body. Along with the extra pounds and stretch marks; the constant fear of harming the baby is always on their body. All of these results in eating abnormally. Some of the complications due to unnatural weight gain are discussed below:

  • It is normal to gain weight 1 pound per week in your second and third trimester. But, if you are gaining more than that, then it could be a symptom of preeclampsia. In some of the cases, the body can accumulate sodium, which leads to weight gain. In this case, it is normal to gain weight.
  • Insufficient growth can lead the baby to born prematurely, which can hamper wellbeing in the future. In some of the premature deliveries, babies are born with abnormalities.
  • Excessive weight gain can cause labor complications, resulting in opting cesarean section.
  • The below-average body weight during pregnancy can hamper the wellbeing of the mother and the baby too.
  • The extra body weight during pregnancy can be easily shed off, but if you have put on more than average, then it might give you troubles later.

Even though the values are not exact, but you will get an average idea of how to handle your weight gain healthily.

So, these are a few factors to guide you monitor your healthy weight gain along with delivering a healthy baby. Don’t get frightened, and eat moderately to gain the right amount of weight. This way you will be able to shed those extra baby fats as well as having a healthy baby.

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