Withdrawal Method (Pull out method)

The withdrawal method or Pull out method is one of the most common methods used by many couples. This method is also known as coitus interrupts, in which the penis is separated from the vagina just before having ejaculation to prevent the sperm from entering a woman’s body. The goal of this method is to move the penis from any woman’s genitals as far as possible. This is the best way to use self-control and prevent pregnancy, but it comes with risk. If the method is not properly performed, then there is a high amount of sperm entering the vagina. Also, the pre-ejaculation liquid contains sperm that can enter the vagina and it is also not safe from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Benefits of the Withdrawal Method / Pull out method

Despite all the risks, this self-control method comes with many different benefits. If you do not mind a surprise pregnancy, then this method is good for you. Here are some different benefits are given below that will help you to know about the benefits.

  • If you want to avoid using any type of birth control pills for religious issues or health concerns, then this method is perfect for you to prevent pregnancy
  • People who do not have sex very often can use it as it will help them to go through any hectic long process of taking pills or others
  • If there is no time to use any birth control methods, but it is necessary, then the withdrawal method can come in very useful and handy
  • Those who do not want to go to the doctor to check up which birth control is the best for them or get a prescription can use this method
  • This method is free compared to all the other costly ones out there
  • You do not have to go through any side effects or risk of health using this method
  • If you do not like any involvement of other hormones or chemicals in the body to prevent the pregnancy, then use this natural way

Disadvantages of the Withdrawal Method / Pull out method

Along with all the benefits, there are some disadvantages that come with the withdrawal method. Here are the most common disadvantages of this method are given below.

  • Without perfect timing and a lot of practice, you can fail to pull out the penis on time causing the sperm to enter
  • For many people, pulling out the penis just before the time of orgasm might be an issue of interruption to get full sexual pleasure
  • Your partner has no control over it, which makes it very dangerous as you failing will make the situation irreversible
  • Chances are very high that even with peeing before having sex, sperm might release with the pre-ejaculation and pass through the vagina
  • If you have any problem of feeling orgasm or failed to know it is happening, then the whole process might fall apart

Risk of Withdrawal Method / Pull out method

However, the withdrawal or pull out method is not that easy as it sounds, you will need to have a lot of timing to do this correctly. If you are caught up in the moment or do not feel the orgasm, then the method has a very high risk of failing. Many other different things can play a major role in it. So, make sure to know if this is safe for you to perform before planning it. Just like you, your partner also needs to know about the whole process to make it work.

The effectiveness of this method is not very reliable but you will be able to avoid using any other types of birth control methods. The success percentage of this procedure is around 78%, which means 22 women might get pregnant using this pull out method among 100. Compared to this condoms are 98% successful to prevent pregnancy.

Tips to make the Withdrawal Method work

Pulling out method is not very easy and it takes a lot more than will power or self-control to do it. However, you can do some of the things to increase the chance of being successful using this method. Here are some tips given below that can help to use the method without issues.

  • One of the most important things to make the withdrawal method work is using other birth control types with it such as a condom, vaginal ring, pill, and others. It will help you very much to be protected and prepared if the method fails and prevents pregnancy. You can take the help of pills even when you think that the method is successful as the pre-ejaculation fluid contain sperm that can enter the women’s body without your knowledge
  • If the pull out method is successful, then you will prevent pregnancy but the chance of having STDs is still there. This method does not protect you from having any type of transmitted sexual disease. Take the help of the condom to ensure both sperm entering and preventing transmitted diseases. Also, it will help you to practice the withdrawal method without any risk
  • Instead of using the method on any day you want, it is better to know the safest day to do it to ensure safety. Keep updated with the says of your partner to know which are the safest day to have sex and use this method without any worries. Relying on this method on the days when the chance of getting pregnant is high might be not a good idea
  • You can use a chemical called spermicide to ensure prevent sperm from entering your partner to the body by killing the sperm
  • Peeing before having sex is very effective to clear any sperm that might create a problem
  • During the method, make sure that the sperm is separated from the body without interacting with your partner’s skin especially on the things and groin. Sperms have the ability to get into the vagina from the skin
  • Last but not least, be consistent and have a lot of practice before trying the withdrawal method to ensure successfully preventing the pregnancy

These are some of the things that you need to know before performing this method to prevent pregnancy. You can take a look at the benefits and disadvantages to know more about it.

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